We started as a small story project in the slums of Kibera, Kenya, and now, OneWorld Stories exists to break down cultural barriers and believes it can be done through the power of stories. 

OneWorld Stories' mission is to break down cultural barriers by creating impactful and personal connections between people from different cultures. We not only want to encourage excitement from what one can learn from different cultures and the world around, but we also want to instill a purpose in every person we work with to forever be reminded that they can accomplish whatever they put their minds to, individually or together. 

We are passionate about connecting schools together from across the globe to create sustainable support systems. Through our programs and projects that promote cultural education in schools and communities, our goal is to enable students, adults, and everyone in between to recognize their similarities, respect their differences, and never forget their experience. 


Two classrooms. One story.  

Two different cultures. One World.