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OneWorld Stories



Learn how we're helping to change the world through the classroom.

Travel the world, experience other cultures, and make the connections- but what if you can’t?


OneWorld Stories is a way for students to experience and connect with other cultures without even leaving the classroom. 


Two different classrooms from two different cultures are joined together as a team to create one fictional story. One classroom starts the story, the other classroom adds onto the story, and then the story is sent back to where it began to be finished. All the while, each classroom is learning and exploring the other classroom's culture and seeing what it is like to be in each other's shoes. Our goal is to enable students to recognize their similarities, respect their differences, and never forget their experience.

Two classrooms. One story.

Two different cultures. One World.

The Story

Oral literature, or story telling, is the root of written literature and is both educational and entertaining. When studying story telling around the world, we found that specific characteristics of a story are a reflection of their originating culture. We applied this idea to what we wanted to achieve and created the interactive writing activity “OneWorld Stories.” The idea is for two culturally different classes to create a story combining the perspectives from both cultures.




Children in the classroom are more likely to benefit from being introduced to a new idea through something both fun and familiar. If two groups of students could work together to create a story, they could learn about each other while being involved in an engaging activity. The idea of engaging a student in learning a trait to carry on is inspired by this quote from Benjamin Franklin: “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” By creating a story and adding individual ideas to make up its whole, the student is participating in what they are learning.




OneWorld Stories creates a way to connect students to other students of a different culture with the idea that they are making an impactful and personal connection that stays with them as their perspectives about the world grows. We have created a way for students to learn about and further understand another culture, broaden their vocabulary by actively participating in reading and responding, become connected with students abroad, and develop an unforgettable similarity between their lives and those creating the story abroad.




Our goal at OneWorld Stories is to give back to the schools who participate. We publish every story that is written and give over 50% of the profits made from sales back to the schools who made it possible for their students to connect with each other and share their cultures. ​


To continue to make our mission possible, we need schools to participate in our project. To get involved, contact us for more information, or spread the word about OneWorld Stories to your local school!


Help give students in your community a chance to connect with other students around the world without even leaving their classroom. 


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