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“We’re excited to be a part of OneWorld Stories, and it’s been a wonderful experience.”


—  Mr. Matthew Adelman, Assistant Principal at ARMS

ARMS + OWS: The Story


The story about how OneWorld Stories crossed paths with Albemarle Road Middle School is a tale we love to share. Our Media Manager was working part time at a running retail store, and the Assistant Principal at Albemarle Road Middle School, Mr. Matthew Adelman, walked into the store looking for a pair of shoes for his trip with his wife to Yosemite. Little did Mr. Adelman know that he would walk out of the store with more than a pair of shoes. Albemarle Road Middle School happened to be on the lookout for an international educational program. After hearing about OneWorld Stories while shoe shopping, a meeting was set.


Two books later, we as an organization have been able to grow immensely with the help of Albemarle Road Middle School. Our OneWorld Stories Book Program blossomed to the next level as we witnessed two schools meeting in person for the first time and were able to start our Sponsored a Student program. In addition, Albemarle Road Middle School agreed to be our official OWS Pilot School for any extended program studies. After the establishment, our methodology behind our OneWorld Stories Mini-Book Program was able to be tested and approved successful with the help of Albemarle Road Middle School. And with the continuous help of Ms. Kimberly Lynch, we were able to establish the Student Art Market. 

We have so many to thank at Albemarle Road Middle School including Principal Toni Perry, Mr. Matthew Adelman, Ms. Kimberly Lynch, Ms. Andrea Fort, Ms. Charlotte Moon, Ms. Diane Story, Ms. Amber Nelson, Ms. Jenny Koucouliotes-Pastrana, and all of our amazing and talented participating students. And thank you to all of the teachers from Albemarle Road Middle School who so graciously sponsored a student. 

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